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This domain was originally an e-filing website for taxes.
State of the Art Online Tax Preparation made Simple, Safe and Accurate

Taxes, smart and simple

Fast, easy, affordable online tax returns.
Smart because it’s simple, simple because it’s smart.

  • Easy interview gives you just the forms you need.
  • No credit card needed! Pay with your federal refund.
  • Free preview of your federal return, pay only when you file.
  • Refunds as soon as 8 days with e-filing and direct deposit.
TaxWise. . .Who We Are!
Universal Tax Systems, founded in 1983, is one of the nation’s most dynamic software companies in the tax and financial products industry.More than 12,000 tax professionals have relied on UTS software to file more than 6 million returns in the past two years. Last year alone, that’s almost 38% of the returns electronically filed by independent preparers nationwide!

A Few Company Highlights

  • UTS is the fastest growing tax and electronic filing software company in the nation.
  • You can’t get 12,000 tax professionals to agree on many tax issues, but they do agree on TaxWise as their tax preparation software of choice.
  • UTS ranked in the Inc.® 500 for three consecutive years, making it one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S.
  • CPA Software News has included TaxWise in its “Top 20” list of software packages and Accounting Today has ranked TaxWise in its “Top 100” software packages for accountants.


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